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released February 20, 2012

Produced by CVLT & Alber Costas.
Engineered, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Alber Costas at Estudos Desamparados during January & February 2012.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


CVLT Vigo, Spain


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Track Name: Loneliness
I used to have so much to say until our roads split apart.
This is the story of my life, breathing at first lights but drowning with the last rays.
I used to have so much to say.

The clocks are ticking and I can’t walk anymore.
Word by word, step by step, I can feel my empty breath, falling to the ground as autumn wilts the leaves.

Life won’t wait, What’s done is done, what’s said, has fade away.
Word by word, step by step, I’m digging my own grave.

Still going nowhere, trying to fix the gaps of the past, this is, the story of my life.
There is no black, no white.
All I see is shades of fucking grey.
A withered life is all I’ve earned after 19 dead years.

What’s done is done, those thoughts on my mind, I’ll never forget.
Those feelings inside, will never disappear.

Track Name: Empty Lungs
Never searched for the light, I walk the path the way I found it, carrying my mistakes, but always moving on.
Powered by the fuel in my veins, I have died and been born again a few times since I was betrayed.

Home is so far and streets are so cold. I’ve got nowhere to hide.
I’ll never trust you, never again.
You failed me, like the rat you are.
You failed me, you stole my breath, my soul and trust, you don’t deserve to live.

Amid the pain, you took my breath away.

Track Name: Blinding Lights
We stand here, blinded by the same sun, the same that rises every day. We had a vision pointed to our future without any stones on the road. That’s why I’m not waking up, ‘cause we’ve lost tomorrow.
That’s why I’m not waking up, ‘cause luck is not on my side.

Many come as others go, knowing is sad, but living is worse, and after all there are no second chances.
There are no more chances. 

This is why I still in my room, doors locked and curtains down, hoping for better days, and waiting for a second chance.

I stand here, blinded by the same sun, the same that hides every day.
I have a vision pointed to the future, with many stones on the road.
Track Name: Wounds
The hours became days and everything I ever had to say remain forgotten with tears on paper, carved like words in stone, forever printed but never shown.

How could I forget those days? When I was happier than today, nowadays that's what's killing me, past times killing me from the inside-out.

The day you left me alone, I forgot from where I came and where I’m going.
Left without regrets and no one to hold on, that's what keeps me going backwards.

Holding back my tears and keeping my fists tight, surrounded by fake smiles swearing "everything is gonna be alright".

At least I hope you understand, this is for you.
My last goodbye, my new life.
My chance to rebuild. Not to living easy, but to living free.

Track Name: Bridge Burner (ft. Pablo Gonzalez from FIELDS)
I’ll be the one to burn the bridges down, and I’ll be the one to set the skies on fire.
This is the way the world ends.

The tallest mountains will fall down, and clouds will turn black.
A broken mirror won’t represent what we’re today, we are more than we once were. 

I’ll be the one to burn the bridges down, and I’ll be the one to set the skies on fire.
This is the way the world ends.
This is the way life expires.

My feelings for you will never fall apart, as your eyes will never stop shining.
I’m a dreamer and I always dreamed about you, about holding you between my arms, for my whole life.
This is the way the world ends, this is the way, life expires.

If I have to die young, it will be by your side, under the sunset in flames I created.
And we’ll stay together, forever.